Moving his snow penis before the fuzz shows up

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First snow penis of 2008

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“My friend and I had a pretty boring new years so when the ball dropped we ran out on the lake and made a fresh new snow penis!”

Made from the purest white snow

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“Myself and a dear friend Sanjeev spent a good half an hour, maybe more carving a highly detailed penis and scrotum from nothing but purest white snow.”

Cornell University

Students at Cornell took advantage of a blizzard in February to host the second annual “Epic Snowball Fight.” Students packed into the school’s Arts Quad to do wintry battle and, perhaps, erect a snow penis or two. The following is the opening paragraph from the Cornell Sun article on the days events:


The Cornell University Police Department shut down the second annual “Epic Snowball Fight on the Arts Quad” Wednesday, apprehending a student, confiscating tin shields and knocking over a six-foot snow penis.

A boy and his dog… and his snow penis?

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Cock Blocked

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